We are actively working on many fronts both in the UK and in Pakistan, in an effort to take us a step closer to meeting our objectives.  The projects range from improving medical education and staff training, to grand scale innovative systems such as APPS Direct centers, hearing centers and introduction of the yellow sharps bins.  Each area below outlines further details of the project.  If you are keen to get involved, please email the respective clinical lead.

Projects in the UK:

  1. Live Video-Link Lecture Programme
  2. Public Health Awareness Campaign
  3. Professional Advice Forum PLAB
  4. NHS Induction Courses for Doctors
  5. Career Guidance for GCSE / A-Level Students
  6. Support for Doctors Facing Disciplinary Action
  7. Allied Health professionals Forum

Projects in Pakistan:

  1. Hearing Assessment Centres
  2. Hepatitis Awareness Campaign
  3. Guest Lectures / Visiting Faculty Programme
  4. APPS UK Clinical Excellence Guidelines
  5. APPS UK Direct Centre
  6. Yellow Sharps Bin Induction
  7. Public Health Awareness Programme
  8. Career Guidance for Doctors in Pakistan
  9. Free Clinics
  10. Refresher Courses for Paramedics
  11. APPS UK Child Protection Project
  12. APPS UK Mobile Health Clinics
  13. APPS UK Bannu Project
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