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We aim to help and guide GCSE and A-Level students who wish to pursue a career in medicine. 

Medical admission has a number components and as much complicated it can sound, it can be a fairly straight forward process if the requirements are addressed promptly.

Medical application can be broken down into personal statement , reference from current college and admissions test.

A careful consideration is required to make choice of university and it is worth finding out from admissions office by directly calling them to check their academic requirements as well as what admission tests they use. As a rough guide most medical schools require AAA and an additional A/B grade at AS level to include atleast two science subjects. Some universities do not use admissions test e.g Bristol and Birmingham medical school however in retrospect they give more weight to the GCSE grades.

Admission tests (BMAT, UKCAT, GAMSAT etc).  One needs to make sure what test is required for the chosen University. Its worth practicing  some  questions in free time off from academic work and books  are easily available from It is good to familiarise with the exam format. With time as more questions are practiced, it is much easier to solve the problems in time in the actual test.

It is worth knowing what is the course structure and type of course of the uni you are applying to. As a guide there are three different types of courses on offer in different medical schools in the UK

Traditional - oxford cambridge and st andrews.

Problem based learning - queen marrys, liverpool, manchester, glasgow

Integrated - Imperial, kings, Bristol, UCL etc


To start of with the personal statement here is a simple template. leave a page for each heading then condense it and put it all together you should see a great personal statement.

*Why medicine?

This is where you can right anything to do with your reasons for studying medicine etc

*What research have you done/ how informed are you of the course?

here you can talk about all pf your work experience. Make sure you link everything with what you achieved out of it. This is a great paragraph to explain what you appreciate about medicine as a career/ what it involves.

The major themes to cover are what is difficult in being a doctor, working under pressure, negative and positives of medical career.

*What qualities do you have; what have you achieved that would make you a good doctor/ Why do you qualify for medicine as a person?

Here you can write all of you achievements in terms of extra curricular stuff , voluntary work , duke of edinburgh, charity work, out of school activities  in context of communication skills, teamwork, working under pressure etc. In addition something about how you spend your free time, how do you cope with stress like what you enjoy doing on a regular basis, something that is creative

*A short humble and inspiring concluding paragraph bringing everything together.

This template is a good starting point if you simply put together the different bits and pieces into this template, then you can refine your statement, articulate it as you go along. In the end add a bit of eloquence. If you start now and do a little bit every now and then. 

Interviews build up from personal statement which one can work on at a later stage.

The following websites are useful resources:

Please contact our Student wing lead should should you require any further clarification with aforementioned information or more guidance. 

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